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Welcome to Carseatlover! It’s the destination for all car lovers who want to equip their cars with the seats that they deserve. You’ll be glad to know that a group of expert people from different professions operates the Carseatlover with the sole goal of helping you in making better decisions when choosing car seats.

We have here automobile engineers, professional car seat experts, sports car riders, researchers, and professionals who are directly related to this field and have vast knowledge about the car seat. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re here to find a specialized car seat for you or looking for a solution to convert a Graco car seat to a high-back booster.

Our experts are always here to help you in finding the best car seat according to your need and provide you with all the necessary information guidelines that you’re looking for. We do two things here at our Blog: Guide people to find the right seat and guide people to use the seat the right way. If you’re in need of either, don’t hesitate to roam around the blog and find the expert guides.

Our Product Testing Methodology And Review Process

We go through a well-organized systematic process for each product review, and we have a team of expert people to carry out all the tasks systematically. At the very beginning, we split our team members into small groups and assigned them individual tasks that we needed to accomplish to complete the product review process.

Have a look at the following write-up to understand how we carry out our product testing methodology and review process.

Product Analysis And Market Exploration

Roaming the market and analyzing the product precisely is the first thing that we accomplish in our product review process. It helps us understand the product’s novelties and the customers’ demands. As a result, our team can work with the latest product according to the customer’s demands.

Determination of The Main Features

To survive in the battle of product compilation, different brands offer many additional features along with their main features. In reality, most of these additional features are not essential for consumers.

These features are just to increase the product price tag merely. Our editorial team consciously focuses on this matter and looks for the product that comes with the core features that are most crucial for the consumers.

Selection Of The Product

After completing the market exploration, product analysis, and identifying the product’s core features, we got a preliminary idea of the best products of the top brands. During this stage, we initially select some top-notch quality products for investigation. During the primary selection process, we focus only on those products that its consumers well appreciate.

Analysis of The Reviews

Once the research and investigation team preliminary selects the top product of the best brands. We start analyzing their real buyer’s reviews. It helps us to get a real-life experience of those products and helps us to select more superior products for you.

Product Hierarchy

Not all products are manufactured with the same quality; therefore, it is natural some products will be better than others. And to grab the best one, we go through a product ranking process. In this stage, we give a score to the products based on their positive characteristics. The higher the score a product gets, the better product it is.

Reviews Writing

After completing the product ranking process, we got a list of the best products of the best brand. Next, our editorial team accumulates all the analysis data and handover them over to our writing team to write in-detail reviews of these products.

Preparing Buying Guide

Preparing buying guide is the final stage in our product review process. It’s the overall summation of our all hard work and with this ultimate buying guide, you can easily choose the right product based on your need.

Our Team

James Marlow

James Marlow is an automobile manufacturing engineer and the founder of this Carseatlover. He has worked for a renowned car manufacturing company as an operational in-charge in his professional life. Apart from his job, he’s a hobbyist blogger who loves to talk about different things he deals with daily. The reason behind creating Carseatlover is to guide people to find the right car seat and help them use the seat correctly.

Seth S. Salazar

Seth is also an automobile engineer and a colleague of James. They both work in the same car manufacturing company. He works as a change control engineer. When James created this site Carseatlover, he asked Seth to join him, and Seth gladly accepted his proposal. However, Seth isn’t hired on the team just because he’s a colleague of James; rather, we’ve hired him because of his immense knowledge and skill in car seats and other car accessories. As a change control engineer, he has to deal with car seats and other car components for design, modification, and redesigning purposes.

Robert M. Foster

Robert is a research writer, and he’s also the skipper of our whole writing team. After completing his graduation in Journalism and Linguistics, he chooses writing as his profession. In his writing career, he worked for many renowned magazine firms, websites, blogs, etc. One of his outstanding skills is he can make things very simple and easier for his audience.