How to Clean Diarrhea From Car Seat? Know the Top 4 Methods

Having a kid or pet is a great enjoyment of life. The smile they bring in your face with their cute faces and engaging activities is unforgettable. Thus, you would want to carry them everywhere with your cars. The problem arises when kids or pets get diarrhea and accidentally poop to ruin the car seats.

The smell and scene of diarrhea on the car seat will soon become unbearable. Therefore, you would want to know how to clean diarrhea from a car seat. It is important because the longer diarrhea stays in the car seat, the more complex the situation inside the car will get.

You may use wet wipes, a paper towel, or a damp cloth to remove diarrhea from the car seat. Plus, you can use wood or regular dust and a utility knife to clean the car seats. However, you also need to wash off the leather car seats to eliminate the poop completely. Finally, you need to use vinegar, baking soda, or commercial odor cleaner to get rid of the diarrhea smell from the car’s inside.

So, let’s jump into finding the solution to cleaning diarrhea and poop from car seats. It will also help you eliminate the smelly odor quickly.

Why Is It Important To Clean The Diarrhea From Car Seats?

You are going to shopping malls or a guest house, and suddenly you feel that your child or pet has pooped on the backseat of the car. In most cases, you would want to do way by spreading tissue paper on the poop and spraying air freshener inside the car. You would want to clean your diarrhea later as you reach home or during the weekend.

Why Is It Important To Clean The Diarrhea From Car Seats
Why Is It Important To Clean The Diarrhea From Car Seats?

Well, we strongly discourage this practice. First of all, the scene with the diarrhea isn’t anything impressive at all. A slight glance at the poop on the seat is enough to cause vomiting in many people. On top of it, the smell will slowly spread in the entire car despite spraying air freshener on the poop. Of course, it is discomforting and can shake your nerves from the inside.

More importantly, diarrhea of kids and pets contains millions of bacteria and germs. If these germs and bacteria stay too long inside the car, it can sicken you. Thus, you must clean diarrhea from the car seat as early as possible.

On top of it, a car seat for babies and pets is meant to offer maximum protection to them. Thus, poop and diarrhea on the car seats can prove dangerous for the kids and pets. The germs can easily make them sick. Plus, keeping the seat wet with poop for too long will ruin the seat too. No doubt, a leather car seat is expensive.

Thus, ruining the seat with diarrhea and poop is the last thing you want. Finally, it may even ruin your personality if someone looks inside the car and find poop with the worst smell. Therefore, you should clean the car seats from diarrhea ASAP.

Now, the question comes to your mind, “How to clean car seats with poops and diarrhea?” In the next section, we will answer it.

How to Clean Diarrhea from Car Seats?

Did your kid or pet poop diarrhea on the car seats? Well, nothing can be more frustrating and nerve-shaking than to see the expensive car seats with diarrhea, let alone its worst smell. Thankfully, there’re multiple ways to clean car seats affected with diarrhea.

How to Clean Diarrhea from Car Seats

You may use wet wipes to remove diarrhea from the car seats. Furthermore, you may also use a tissue or paper towel to clean diarrhea. Then, there’s an option to clean diarrhea from car seats using a damp cloth. If nothing works well, you can spread wood dust on the car seats to allow diarrhea to dry and then wipe it off with a utility knife.

Method 1: Use wet wipes

Wet wipes are a popular cleaning item in most homes. House owners will use wet wipes to clean dust, residues, and poops in their homes. Wet wipes are great for maintaining personal hygiene. Many parents even use it to clean their babies after they poop.

Use wet wipes

You can use wet wipes to clean car seats and eliminate diarrhea from them. Wet wipes have a liquid suction capacity which helps deal with diarrhea in liquid form.

  • Bring a packet of wet wipes from the nearby supermarket or pharmacy. Wet wipes are available in various fragrances and even have chemicals. You don’t need any high-end chemical-infused medical wet wipes. Just get a normal one.
  • Separate multiple wet wipes from the packet. It is vital since you will need multiple wet wipes to clean diarrhea from the car seats.
  • Use the wet wipes to get rid of diarrhea from the car seats as much as possible. Continue wiping the seat with the wet wipes until the poop is removed.

Nonetheless, wet wipes won’t remove diarrhea or poop from the seat completely. We will discuss it later; you need to clean it using a commercial cleaner.

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Method 2: Use a paper towel to remove the diarrhea

Wet wipes may not be readily available in your car or in the nearest shops. However, most car owners keep a paper towel in their cars for cleaning purposes. When kids or pets poop diarrhea on the car seat, you can use a paper towel to remove it.

The paper towel may soak the diarrhea liquid to help you clean the car seats. You will have to wipe diarrhea off the car seats several times. Of course, the repeated process of using diarrhea mixed paper towel to remove the remaining poop can be a tough task. Thus, you may spray a scented air freshener on the seat and cover your face with a piece of clothing.

It will help you keep away the bad odor coming from the poop and clean it.

  • Apply the paper towel to the diarrhea-affected place.
  • Then, wipe off diarrhea as much as possible. You have to repeat the wiping process multiple times.
  • You should use clean water to wash off the paper towel. It will help you clean the car seats better with a good result.

Using a paper towel to remove diarrhea from car seats isn’t a highly effective method. It is for emergencies and a temporary period. Once you reach home, clean the car seat properly to eliminate the poop and odor.

Method 3: Use a Damp Cloth

Most car owners and drivers will keep a piece of small cloth in their car to clean the windows and wipers. When kids or pets poop diarrhea on the car seats, you can use the same piece of cloth to remove the poop on an emergency basis.

Use a Damp Cloth
  • Dampen the cloth with water and put it over diarrhea affected place of the seat.
  • Cover diarrhea and wipe it off multiple times.
  • Wash the dampened cloth with water and reuse it to remove diarrhea.

This method works similarly to the paper towel. Plus, you may use liquid detergent or cleaning soap on the dampened cloth if you can access them. It will help you eliminate the poop and its odor better with effective results.

Method 4: Use Wood Dust and a Utility knife

One of the best ways to clean diarrhea from the car seat is to use a utility knife with wood dust. The wood dust will soak the liquid of diarrhea and harden it. Therefore, cleaning the poop from the seat will become straightforward.

  • Apply wood dust to the pooped area and wait for a few minutes. The wood dust will soak the liquid from the car seat. Also, it hardens the poop so you can easily clean it off.
  • When diarrhea starts hardening, use the utility knife to wipe it off properly. You need to remove as much poop as possible with the utility knife.
  • As you use the utility knife, pour water on it to remove diarrhea from it. Then, reuse it to eliminate diarrhea. You should use the utility knife carefully, so it doesn’t hurt the expensive leather coverings.

After removing diarrhea using the wet dust and utility knife, use liquid detergent or soap to wash off the seats entirely.

Tips for Washing Diarrhea Affected Car Seats

Getting rid of the dang from the car seats in emergencies is quite easy. Yet, where there will be signs of diarrhea and pooping on the seats. These remaining will be extremely difficult to remove unless you wash off the seat cover when you return home. Also, there will be poop stains on the car seats even after you have removed diarrhea from them.

Tips for Washing Diarrhea Affected Car Seats

Thus, you should use commercial cat seat cleaner or liquid detergent to wash off the seats. It will remove the stains and odor from the seat largely.

Method 1: Use liquid detergent or soap

You will have liquid detergent or mild soap for cleaning dishes in homes. Well, you can use the same dish cleaner to wash off the diarrhea stain from the car seats. For safety, you may apply the detergent to a smaller portion of the seat to see the results.

  • In a medium bowl, mix liquid detergent with slightly warm water. You should blend the mixture to dilute it properly.
  • Take a toothbrush and apply the liquid detergent mixture to diarrhea affected place. Then, please keep it for a couple of minutes to allow the detergent to work with the dang.
  • After that, clean off the poop and detergent with the brush. Using the brush repeatedly, pour water on it to remove diarrhea.

Before using the detergent or soap, it is suggested that you read the user instructions. Thus, you will know whether or not the detergent is safe for the leather seats.

Method 2: Use commercial leather cleaners

Leather car seats are expensive. Therefore, it is always better to use commercial and dedicated leather cleaners for the best results. Plus, it will help intact the shine of the leather better. You may choose from the following cleaners:

  1. Zep Leather Cleaner and Conditioner: The cleaner is made for both natural and artificial leather. It will wash off the leather and work as a conditioner. So, with it, you can shine the leather after removing diarrhea from it.
  2. Chemical Guys SPI Leather Cleaner and Conditioner: Chemical Guys brought this complete car cleaner for an easy solution. You can spray it over diarrhea affected place and use a brush to wipe it off. Then, you may apply the second bottle as a leather conditioner to shine and glow the leather.

The cleaning method using the commercial leather cleaner is straightforward. Read the user manual before applying the leather cleaner and conditioner. Then, apply a small amount of the cleaner to the diarrhea and work with a brush to remove the stains. Finally, apply the leather conditioner to return the shine of the leather cover.

Tips for Removing the Diarrhea Odor from the Car Interior

The worst part of kids or pets pooping diarrhea inside the car is that the odor will remain for the longest period inside it. Therefore, you must find ways to remove the odor from the car interior. There’re various ways to eliminate the diarrhea odor inside the car. You may use:

  1. Baking soda
  2. White vinegar
  3. Commercial odor removal

We suggest you use white vinegar with baking soda for the best odor removal results. First, mix 1/3rd of baking soda with white vinegar. Then, apply the paste to the diarrhea-affected space once you have cleaned the spot.

Now, you should wait a couple of minutes to help the white vinegar and baking soda paste work on the spot. Then, use water and brush to appropriately remove the baking soda and vinegar mixture from the car seat. Once you repeat the process, it will remove the worst odor of diarrhea from the interior of your car.

Last but not least, we suggest you use Yankee Candle Car Air Fresheners for fragrance. Worldwide, car owners are going crazy about Yankee candles for their soothing and lasting smell. You will love its mild fragrance as you drive the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions remaining in your mind about how to clean diarrhea from car seats? Read the following FAQ section and get most of the answers to your queries.

How do you get poop smell out of upholstery?

You may spray white vinegar on the upholstery to get rid of the bad odor. As we mentioned earlier, you may mix white vinegar and baking soda for the best results.

Can baking soda get rid of the poop smell?

Nothing works best to remove the poop smell than baking soda. You only need to sprinkle baking soda amply on diarrhea and poop spots and wait for a few minutes. In the meantime, the baking soda will soak the diarrhea odor to give you a pleasant car interior.

What is the best way to clean cloth car seats?

You may vacuum clean the seat and apply upholstery cleaner to remove residues and dust from the car seats. Finally, pre-treat the stains on the seat and apply a leather conditioner.


Watching your kid or pet releasing diarrhea poop in the car seat can give you a heart attack. No doubt, it is among the worst scenarios you want to experience in your lifetime. Also, it is nerve-shaking and can cause you vomit. Thus, you must know how to clean diarrhea from your car seat safely. Thankfully, there’re at least four ways to remove diarrhea from the car seat. You can use a utility knife, dampened cloth, or wet wipes to remove diarrhea during emergencies.

Finally, wash the leather car seat with a commercial cleaner or liquid detergent. Then, apply baking soda and white vinegar pastes to eliminate the odor. You must never overlook the process, as diarrhea contains germs and bacteria.

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