Evenflo Car Seat Vs Graco: Everything You Should Know

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When choosing one from Evenflo and Graco, getting the perfect and safest car seat for your infant becomes very confusing. Although the basic features are similar, you must emphasize the depth of the major and minor differences in terms of features, comfort, quality, and safety.

The core differences between the Evenflo car seat vs Graco lie within the build quality, material used, headrest, footrest, reclination, and some additional safety and useful features. Apart from these, you cannot afford to overlook some minor yet very important differences.

To learn and know in depth about which car seat is suitable and safe for your baby, you might go through this article till the very end.

Evenflo Vs Graco Car Seat Comparison

Both Evenflo and Graco are highly reputed and mostly sold car seats for kids. But many differences may make you wonder which one to choose and why. You can use the following head-to-head comparison to decide wisely while making a purchase.

Evenflo Car Seat Vs Graco

Factors Evenflo Car Seat Graco Car Seat
Seat Types Infant, All in One, Booster Infant, Convertible, All in one, Booster
Weight Can support more weight Supports less weight
Headrest Rusty headrest shifting One hand smoother headrest shifting
Threading Harness Requires mild adjustment Rethreading not required
Installation Process Windy gear tightening method Strap pulling method
Design Less ergonomic More ergonomic for better lumber support
Build Quality Average build quality High-end build quality
Cushioning Less cushioning on the sides Equal soft cushioning on all sides
Reclining Option Five reclining options Six times smoother reclining option

Weight Capability

The weight capacity for both car seats is more or less equal. Regarding Graco, the weight for forward, backward, and highback boosters are 4-40, up to 65, and up to 100 lbs. On the contrary, an Evenflo all-in-one seat has weight compatibility of 4-50, 70, and 120 lbs for forward-facing, rear-facing, and highback booster seats.

Therefore, comparatively, the Evenflo car seats can tackle more weight in different types of seats which is a major safety feature as a kid car seat.

Headrest Setting

Not every child has a similar neck length from the body. Some kids have shorter lengths while some get longer despite having a similar age.

Different versions of Graco car seats come with six to ten adjustable headrest options. Moreover, the headrest shifting mechanism is very straightforward and can be easily adjusted using a single hand. For this, the smooth drive of the headrest’s metal bar is suitable.

Coming to Evenflo car seats, these too have five to ten adjustable headrest shifting positions. But the mechanism included in this has been reported not to be very smooth. As a result, it becomes hassling to adjust the headrest using a single hand.

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Installation Process

The Graco car seats possess three easy steps of installation. There is no requirement for any assistance while installing one in your car. You can attach the latch to the specific position and pull the strap to tighten the seat.

But Evenflo car seats have a comparatively harder installation process. Most car seats have a windy gear system that needs to be rotated to tighten the seat into a stable position. Hence, it is a two-hand job and sometimes requires assistance to do so.

Therefore, comparing both, it can be said that Graco is way ahead of Evenflo car seats for convenient installation.

Design And Build Quality

The most important aspect while choosing a car seat for infants or toddlers is the design and build quality. These ensure not only a good outlook but also the longevity of the product. Graco car seats are made with high-end materials. Besides, the finishing and exterior designs are eye-catching. Importantly, as per the price range of Graco car seats, build quality is top-notch and ensures long-term usage without much maintenance.

Now, the Evenflo car seats provide a medium range of materials for the cover and inner cushioning. As a result, these require regular maintenance to keep the outlook and quality stable and usable for a longer.

Height Limit

The height limit for most Graco car seats is more or less 63”, whereas Evenflo car seats provide only 57” of maximum height. A higher height limit gives an advantage if your child is growing faster and is better in height than other kids. Besides, good lumber support can be provided with more height.

Cushioning And Lumber Support

For a decent and uninterrupted nap, kids require a soft surface. Besides, stable lumber support from the seat ensures the back of the kid does not feel any pain over a long drive. This aspect is specifically found in Graco car seats. The cushioning is equal and soft on all sides of the seat. Besides, ergonomic lumber support helps the kid to get relief from back pain.

Although Evenflo also puts enormous effort into maintaining comfort and cushioning. But not providing enough support on the seat sides puts it on the negative side.

Reclining Options

If your kid is asleep or taking a nap, reclining the car seat is necessary. It helps them lie stable in their sleep while on a long drive. Both Graco and Evenflo car seats have multiple reclining options.

But Graco car seats with six reclining positions. At the same time, the Evenflo car seats have five reclining options in most of their models. Hence, more option means more flexibility; thus, Graco car seats are ahead of Evenflo car seats in this respect.

Additional Accessories

The seat pads of Graco car seats are readily machine washable. More on that, you can take off the seat pads single-handedly.  On the other hand, Evenflo car seats also have detachable seat pad, which requires comparatively more effort to take off and wash.

Both car seats have a velling indicator to keep the sitting position stable. However, Graco car seats use a water bubble indicator, which is more accurate and useful than the Evenflo arrow-marked leveling indicator.

Besides, most seat models of Graco have two cup holders, which come in handy while feeding the baby. Although Evenflo also includes dual cup holders, the number of models is lower than Graco car seats.

Another point to add is the prebuilt footrest found more often in Graco car sets than the Evenflo car seats. This help in reducing the fatigue on the foot of the kids on a long journey.

Price Range

Here comes the most awaited comparison between the Graco and Evenflo car seats. We now know that Graco car seats provide many amazing features and high-end build quality. The reason behind that is the higher price in every segment of car seats provided by Graco.

On average, Graco car seats are available in the price range between $150-$400. Evenflo, on the other hand, does a bit more cost-cutting; hence you can get a good quality car seat from $70-$200 only.

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Should You Pick Graco Or Evenflo Car Seat And Why?

Looking at the overall comparison, it becomes confusing which one to choose. If you are looking for a better and long-lasting build quality with many necessary features with the budget not being an issue. You can get a Graco car seat without any second thought.

Should You Pick Graco Or Evenflo Car Seat

But if safety is more concerned for you than fancy features and your budget is lower, you might get an Evenflo car seat. The Evenflo car seats provide up to 50 lbs of the capability to hold a baby in the rear-facing situation, but a Graco can rise to 40 lbs only.


For getting a more clear idea about the Evenflo car seat vs Graco car seat, you might go through these questionnaires.

Will an Evenflo car seat fit on a Graco base?

The Graco and Evenflo seat bases are entirely different in many aspects. Each of the bases has a non-identical dimension, weight-supporting capability, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to fit an Evenflo car seat on a Graco seat base.

Is Evenflo safer than Graco car seats?

Evenflo car seats have comparatively higher weight-supporting capability. It applies to the front, rear-facing, and high-back booster car seats. Evenflo car seats are 20lbs more supporting than a Graco seat for a high back booster, making it safer.

How long do Evenflo car seats last?

According to many user reports and reviews, Evenflo car seats usually last for about six years at a stretch. But with regular maintenance, cleaning, washing, etc., you can extend the longevity of the car seats to more than six years.

How long does a Graco car seat last?

The date label on the seat’s back indicates the seat’s expiration date, seven years from that date. But Convertible car seats have a 10-year shelf life from the manufacturing date.


When it comes to child safety and comfort, every parent wants the best-suited product. An infant car seat is an important factor to decide wisely while purchasing, especially between Graco and Evenflo, as both are renowned brands.

If you are concerned about the safety and being short on budget, the Evenflo car seats are more suitable. Whereas the budget is not an issue, comfort and additional features are necessary with the solid build quality; you can go for Graco car seats without any second thought.

We would cherish it if this article helps you to understand the Evenflo car seat vs Graco car seat comparison to decide wisely before making an order.

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