Pico Portable Car Seat Review – Did It Worth To Buy

Traveling with a kid is a challenging process. But sometimes, kids are not the most complex part; it’s all about the vast stuff you must carry while traveling on a plane or in a car. To minimize this hardship struggle for the parents, the WAYB Pico car seat is a blessing. The Pico portable car seat is the most popular and high-standard traveling seat, specially invented for children 2–5 years old or above.

It provides 100% security for your children while you travel on long trips. Its specialty lies in its well-ergonomic, lightweight, ultra-durable design and material functions.

However, to inform you of more exciting facts about these car seats, we have decided to highlight everything about these magic car seats here with an elaborate discussion. So, read this article from top to bottom.

Pico Portable Car Seat
Pico Portable Car Seat

A Short History Behind The Back Of Pico Portable Car Seat:

The epoch-making idea of re-designing the heavy-carrying traveling seat of a kid came from a famous man named Michael Crooke. Michael was once a vital member and a former C.E.O. of Patagonia from 1999 to 2005. This company is now called WAYB, and it is a baby travel gear business.

In one of his press meetings, he shared why he wanted to change the contemporary design of kids’ traveling seats. For business purposes, he traveled a lot with his father. It all started when he took on a presidential role in the campaign for Kelty Packs company in 1995.

Like any overloaded luggage, the traditional kids’ traveling seats could be better-worth and lighter. Crooke thought about changing the designation to be lighter than the feather and less cumbersome. His deep thinking insists he reinvents the toddler car seats. He then met I.S Jung (a South Korean manufacturer) and Tio Jung (Co-founder and C.E.O.) to share his idea.

Afterward, Pico portable kids traveling seats former designation research began.

At the beginning of 2017, under the supervision of Jeff Lockies, Kurtis Sakai, and Discovery chief, an exceptional team of world-class designers was assembled. They were committed to achieving success. But it was challenging. They could have been more fruitful on the mission. At last, in 2019, after many trial sessions, safety tests, sleepless work, and patience, a pico portable vehicle seat was born. Introducing this fantastic kid-carrying car seat to the public on 21st August 2019, this car seat has gathered incomparable love for its owners.

What Features Does Pico Portable Car Seat Offer For Its Users?

Pico car seats come with an array of benefits. The most essential features you’ll find to enjoy here include:

Highlighted Features: 

  • Forward-facing interface
  • Recommended only for kids who are 2 years old or above
  • Lightweight design, which weighs up to 22–50 pounds, and the seat weight is only 8 pounds
  • The seat is made with aerospace-grade aluminum and ASTROKNIT mesh instead of foam
  • It is eco-friendly as the vast majority of these seats can be recycled and re-made
  • Wider seat length, which is about 14.75 inches, and 22.75″ inches in height
  • Auto adjustability
  • Design And Build Quality:

One of the standout features of the Pico is its built-in design and portability. It is constructed with a high-quality aluminum ASTROKNIT mesh. The seat feels soft because the mesh is replaced with cotton or foam. Carrying this bag is now super light and super durable for aluminum. The compact, foldable design is intended to make it convenient for parents on the go.

Pico car seats are only one mode, including forward facing with a single harness height and one crotch buckle position. Although harness pads are removable, but crotch buckles are attached permanently. They cannot be removed for washing when necessary. But they can be spot-cleaned.

  • Less Difficult To Carry For Less Heaviness: 

The Pico Kids traveling car seat is very compact and lightweight. It weighs 22–50 pounds, whereas traditional car seats weigh 30-35 lbs. You can fold it down to a backpack size, which makes it easy to carry. It is now less troublesome to carry this ultimate car seat with you on an Airplane, Taxi, Uber, or wherever you want to travel. It is FAA-approved for use on airplanes. Moreover, Pico can be a good car seat for children from 5 to 40 pounds.

Also, those unique car seats have two types of straps: backpack and luggage. The backpack straps with the travel bags are awesome since they make traveling more convenient. It cuts off the extra weight of the car seats, which is a real bonus. Again, the luggage straps enable you to hook the bag with heavy luggage or bags during the airplane or train trip.

  • Compatible Backpack Systems With Pocket: 

One of the key aspects of this Pico car seat is its compatible backpack system. It has two big pockets at the back, which can carry water bottles. Also, you will find two more pockets on the side areas to keep your mobile phone, laptop chargers, handkerchief, tissues, and many other essential accessories.

  • Easy Installation: 

The most beneficial part of this Pico car seat is its easy installation process. You may need help to install other traditional travel car seats. But this is never going to happen when it comes to Pico. The car seat has an innovative latch system and a top rope on each side to make it easier to place it appropriately into both motor vehicle, car vehicle, and plane seats. It also has seat belt installation traits, which is a little tricky to do, but it’s simple, too.

Unlike full-size car seats, Pico users don’t need to pull on a single strap between their kids’ legs when placing them in. It requires a straightforward method for installation to minimize the extra burden on the parents.

  • U.S.A. Safety Guidelines: The authority of this brand is trying its best to ensure kids’ safety. As it is a susceptible issue, I mean they always consider safety. All the kids’ traveling seats are made by following the guidelines of U.S.A. kid safety standards including robust impact protection, secure harness systems and reliable buckles. When Crooke was asked about kids’ safety, he ensured that their reinvented car seats were portable and could be used in many situations. Ensure a stress-free journey with the Pico Portable Car Seat, a compact infant car seat that doubles as lightweight travel gear. This unique design makes it a foldable child safety seat, mainly it provides a portable solution for families who travel with children.

These car seats can be attached anywhere as an extra seat next to you. Moreover, the materials used here are flame-resistant and free from toxicity and harmful chemicals.

  • Comes With Neutral Color With 100% Comfortable Traits: 

Almost all the standard car seats bear only neutral colors. For this, it will easily suit everything. Nevertheless, your kids feel comfortable traveling, even if it takes all day. These car seats are made with mesh fabric, providing their neck and shoulder coziness. The primary function of a car seat is safety.

In that case, Pico provides adequate padding, adjustable features, and proper ventilation to ensure a comfortable ride. As claimed by Michael Crook, Pico is the one that is more than any car seat or traveling seat in the case of a comfortable ride. It’s because these travelers’ seats aren’t sweating because of the breathable mesh. It keeps them dry all day long.

  • Adjustability: 

As children grow quickly, it could be a great headache for every parent. But on Pico, you can relax with the adjustable features. This unique traveling car seat has a beautiful adjustable feature for different ages and sizes.

Compact infant car seat
Compact infant car seat

How Do You Install A Pico Vehicle Seat On Any Vehicle Or Airplane?

You can install these vehicle seats through a lap and shoulder belt easily. The process is quite simple and won’t hurt your child’s legs. Instead of securing them on the legs, Pico manufactured two straps and required them to be secured on the hips. Herein is a short guideline on installing them on any car or airplane seat. Before you start, it is essential to read the guidelines thoroughly.

  • At first, begin from its back pocket. Unlatch the back pocket, and the downstairs seat from the backpack will come around. Fold it down and unlock the flip-on button at the top.
  • Now, raise the headrest and push it around.
  • Secure the car seat where you want to set it up. Click and push the button on its back. Set up the back straps or belt if your car seats require a belt set up to the car’s main seat and bind them on Crisscross norms.
  • Next, adjust the headrest according to your kids’ height. Remember to wiggle it at most 1 inch.
  • Afterward, let your child sit in the car and bind the strap on crisscross norms. Secure the belt into the crotch buckle and click on the button.
  • Then, pinch and set it righteously.
  • Secure the shoulder strap by following the same norms.
  • After finishing your trips, uninstall the car seat in the same manner.

Note: Always keep the ear of your kiddos below the top of the headrest and shoulders below the top of the head back.

Where To Look For To Buy Pico Car Seats?

For extreme popularity, Pico traveling vehicle seats are sold quickly. Also, you need help finding them available in the market. However, do check these places to find one for your kiddos:

  • Wayb.com
  • Albeebaby.com
  • Nordstrom.com
  • Amazon
What Others Say About Pico Car Seats?

User feedback is crucial to get a real sense of the product’s performance. Positive reviews will highlight the convenience, safety, and overall satisfaction with the Pico. To give you a more fair answer of why you should buy this for your kids, we collect some user reviews from different online selling websites.

Our first review is from Amazon, where a user named Sam M. gave 5 ratings to this product and said that buying it is expensive but worth it. It works well in all vehicles. He also added that it is less time-consuming to install as well. The Pico Portable Baby Seat is the ultimate on-the-go car seat solution, offering an airplane-friendly and collapsible infant car seat for convenient travel with kids.

The second review is from the WAYB website. Daniel G. writes that everything you want from any car seat includes safety features. It ensures everything which conscious parents are looking for. From Nordstrom, a user said it’s superb light, easy to install and spot-clean. WAYB verified buyer Jaunel C. admired this car seat as the most convenient. He shared his story on the website that he found this car seat handy while traveling on an Uber.

Are Pico Car Seats Safe For Children?

Yes, using Pico car seats for children is completely safe since it meets all standards regulated by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). It is incredibly safe due to the FAA’s (Federal Aviation Administration) approval.

How Much Do Pico Car Seats Cost? 

The Pico’s price should be justifiable compared to its features, safety standards, and convenience. Parents are likely to invest in a portable car seat for the added benefit of accessible travel. The minimal cost of pico car seats on WAYB starts from $390-$450, along with $60-$80 for Deluxe backpacks or any handy travel backpacks. Besides, you can get them from Amazon, where it’s a little pricier than the actual website price.

Did It Worth Buying?

The pico portable car seat is a revolutionary gadget but it is not suitable for all families. Before investing in it, you should analyze some factors intensively. If you’re an inhabitant of an Urban area of the U.S.A. then this one is made only for you. You need to take Uber or taxis frequently to go to school or to the market. This is also a great option to buy for the frequent traveling enthusiasts.

The high price of this vehicle seat is sometimes beyond the ability of some people to buy. At the same time, it will definitely be worth every penny for boasting of advantages and features. If you want to know check this link below:

Final Thought: Check out this Best Pico car seat review for insights on its portability and child-friendly design. This is the best travel-friendly car seat. But we discourage you not to having it if you hardly travel for a week or three per year with family.

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